Friday, 16 December 2011

Petty France

Oh dear, what a bore, I have to write another blog about this bally euro biz. The reason is the irrational attack coming from the Elysee Palace and the Bank of France, following Great Britain’s stand at the last summit in Brussels. One might add that Britain standing alone at this event was reminiscent of WW2 where, faced with Fascist dictators to the south and Nazi invasions to the north, the only country to remain free and to fight the Beast, was Great Britain.

But the problem now is not WW2, but, as I discussed in my last blog, WW3. This time it’s not a Hitler or a military confrontation that is the problem but the insane rush to spread the use of a common currency among nations that have not yet moved far enough along the path of economic, political and fiscal convergence to enable them to manage their economies in the straight jacket of a common interest and exchange rate. The situation is made worse by a panicking little tyrant who is terrified that he is going to lose his position as President of France in the next Presidential elections scheduled for April/May 2012.

His determined support for the euro and for the policies intended to prop up that currency are based on his desire to remain in power as French President, or if not that, then to get a plumb job in Europe after he leaves office. It is clear that EU jobs for sacked senior politicians in Europe are based on the degree to which those politicians have sustained policies that support the EU and its bunch of unelected plutocrats; the Commissioners and their huge staff of overpaid lackeys.

Sarko is in a dilemma. If he loses the elections, and it looks as if he will, (my private sources tell me his usual supporters are veering towards other candidates in droves) then he will probably also lose his rich wife (who everyone says was only ever there for the ride). When the photo-opportunities cease, we are told, she will dump him. Without her financial support and without his Elysee stipend, he is desperate to get a job in Europe. Like Tony Blair, Sarko knows that dropping out of high political office means one needs ‘friends’ in the international political job market. The soon to be ex-President of France may be desperate to seek other forms of remuneration. But since he has been treating his friends with a little less than friendship, (Gaddaffi, and Ben Ali of Tunisia were both Sarko ‘friends’) then one may expect he will have problems. Many of his other friends control the French media. They will do their best for him until the chances of his remaining President of France diminish to the point of no return. And there are only three months to go before that happens.

That’s why he is attacking the UK in every way he can out of sheer spite. The attack by the Bank of France on the British economy and AAA status is just one example of this. Sarkozy’s grand plan to position himself for the eventual Presidency of Europe has been foiled by the British veto. Perhaps D. Cameron was one of the recent Sarko friends who saw that he was being deceived by the ego-centred little guy in high heels whose determination to impose undemocratic controls on the budgets of all EU countries is only a plot intended to pave his way for a new job after May 6th 2012.

One may well ask, ‘Does such a person merit the chance to govern a leading European nation? Let alone aspire to play a role in the direction of the EU?”